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Hello Everyone,

I would like your thoughts, ideas, and input.

I use a CPAP machine to help me breath while I sleep. Like millions of other people, I have severe sleep apnea. The machine prevents my airway from collapsing while I sleep and prevents me from choking. Sleep apnea is sometimes fatal, so I do need to use the machine whenever I sleep.

There is a rechargeable battery pack that I can purchase for about $500 to run the CPAP machine in the event of a power failure.

I was at a friends home recently and he had a solar panel kit that he got from Costco charging up a Marine battery. It was a 60 watt system. But, if it's good enough to charge a marine battery, I had thought about using the same setup with an inverter to recharge a battery backup for my CPAP or running the CPAP directly from the inverter and a deep cycle battery.

In SHTF scenario where electric power is off for days, this could mean my life.

I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you.

Regards, Anthony

I am with you Anthony.  I also use a CPAP.  I am looking forward to the replies on this one.  I do like that solar idea.

Does anyone out there know how to make this work?

If you're really concerned, you could wire up an independent solar system just for your CPAP machine -- and I might just suffer the losses and let it run off an inverter. It's probably cheaper than buying the battery pack, but I don't know.

check this thread

and toward the bottom here

for info on something I built for my BiPap

I have a deep cycle battery and two chargers.  One is a solar charger the other is a standard 110 charger.  Our remote location is very remote.  There is no electricity except for what we generate.  So at night I hook up a small inverter to the deepcycle battery and run the cpap off it.  During the day I charge with solar and top off with the generator as needed.
89.00 for the deep cycle when it went on sale.
35.00 for the inverter.
25.00 for the charger from Harbor Freight
30.00 for the solar charger.

I can usually get two nights off the deep cycle without needing to charge.


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