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light in a shed or similar


Very interesting technique here using 2 liter bottles for light. This would only work in an open roof. I would not want to jeopardize a house roof for this.  Just an interesting idea and wanted to see what kind of discussion it could pop up.  I figured this forum would be ok since it is solar energy, just not being stored.

Oh look, it's a skylight :D

I wouldn't use it anywhere it snows... the snow pack would easily break those off. Other than that, not a bad idea...

Thats pretty innovative.

They sell a product at the construction box store, maybe called sunspots?

Its a mini skylight,  Basically it pipes light through something like an 8 inch tube. which runs from the roof to the interior ceiling through the insulation. 

Tubular Skylights

"DIY tubular skylight kits brighten room, install quickly"

Q: I want more natural light so I will need few electric lights on. I am not a big do-it-yourselfer, so a skylight with a lightwell is not an option. Will a tubular skylight help and what other tips are there? - Chris D.

A: Using electric lights in a home is a major energy consumer. Just count up all the light fixtures and lamps, multiply this by 100 watts (the most common incandescent bulb size) and you will realize how much electricity is used.

Very clever!


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