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hi new airsoft shooter here


hi everyone
I am a new player but also a new mom, with my children(3 years) for the future to play with, was about to begin contact with the sport. I am very concerned about security, I hope you can give me some advice, choice and selection of guns, target and related protective gear. Thank you. :)

Proper goggles and maybe even face guard are in order...   an airsoft BB can chip a tooth... and surly put an eye out.

Ive got no further advice at this time.


First of all, welcome to the forum. Please stop by and introduce yourself on 'The Front Porch' thread. You may just be the first Albanian we have here  :)

Regarding AirSoft, if yours are equipped with red 'toy' designators, usually at the end of the barrel like a red flash hider, don't remove it. It may not look tacticool, but it it could prevent serious misunderstandings with the local police or militia. That being said, you must get into the habit of treating the AirSoft guns as real guns, especially with kids around. Now is the time to start instilling safe habits with or around guns of any kind. Check out the "Eddie the Eagle" videos on YouTube for some ideas.

You might also want to set up a range in your house. A cardboard box with old towels inside will do for a backstop, and you can hang targets across the open end with paper clamps. Set it 3 0r 4 m. away and have at it firing single shots. Sight picture, sight alignment and trigger squeeze are the same no matter what you are shooting. And knowing your gun will pay off in the games.

Good luck, and keep in touch. Remember, though, your first priority is safety.


Welcome to the forum and to airsoft.  I have not really used airsoft as anything other than a training aid for real firearms but have had students who were really into it as a hobby. Seems like there are worse diversions than airsoft.

When not in use you could keep the magazine and battery with you. That way the Airsoft rifle can only be used when you are supervising.


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