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Food prices increasing, possible shortages (merged topics)

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I think there has been something very odd happening with food prices over the last several years and I don't think it's weather related. Related to what I don't know.

Yes. Some costs are way up, some going down.
Then around here, we are seeing fast food places having a lot of special, down to earth food prices. Trying to stay in business maybe?

Guess we'll have to shift gears and stock up on other food stuffs when something doubles in price.

Around here beef has for the most part become a very large part of folks food budget I think. I haven't bought any beef in a couple years unless I could get a really good price. Doesn't happen often. For a while chicken was very reasonable and for the past two or three years I've been able to get whole picnics, Boston butts and boneless pork loins are very good prices also. I also don't do all our shopping at one store, an excellent way to go broke IMO. I will plan out my purchases and make a round trip to several stores, we made a grocery list that we can put items at several stores on for that trip, or sometimes to only one to replenish my stock of what I buy there.


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