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Augason Farms in stock shipping by cans (eggs, onions, rice, potato shreds more)


JC Refuge:

Augason Farms Dried Whole Eggs (approx. 71 egg) 2 lbs 1 oz 3 Cans

MSRP: $149
LIST PRICE: $89.99
SAVE: $60.01


Augason Long Scrambled Eggs Mix (6 Cans)

MSRP: $199
LIST PRICE: $179.99
SAVE: $19.01


Augason Farms Whole Blackberries (3 Cans)

MSRP: $155
LIST PRICE: $105.99
SAVE: $49.01


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JC Refuge:
Safecastle's commitment to quality and taste has motivated us to bring the most cutting edge product in the emergency food business.

So here we are with some nutritious, long-lasting, high-quality emergency foods that people want to eat from Augason's Farms.

JC Refuge:
Augason Farms is a great food storage option if you're looking for a service that offers a range of foods suitable for specific dietary needs.

JC Refuge:
Buy more save more- 5 Case Package - Mountain House Cans

Now available go and buy the bulk case package

JC Refuge:
Sale is on for Country Living Grain Mill/Bega Canned Cheese Full Case/OxygenPac LIFE-612 6&12 LPM

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