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The # 1 must have item in all bug out / get home vehicles.

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Prepper Rob:
The # 1 must have item in all bug out / get home vehicles is gasoline.  I suggest everyone fill up at the 1/2 full mark.  This will give you gas to get home, less stored gas to pour in and gas to drive to where emergency supplies are in a couple of months.

For the reluctant prepper tell them that filling up 1/2 way will prevent them from forgetting and running out of gas on the highway and being hurt or killed. 

Also tell them that running 1/8 to 1/4 tank full is hard on the fuel pump which is inside and at the bottom of the fuel tank and it uses the 1/4 tank fuel over the pump to keep it cool.

Prepper Rob

Good reminder, Rob.


--- Quote from: LvsChant on October 16, 2019, 07:59:49 AM ---Good reminder, Rob.

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Yeah, everyone should be reminded on this.

I fill up ours at 1/2 tank indicated or slightly above that.


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