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Load canoe on top of truck camper


This is interesting because it would be hard to get a canoe on the roof of a truck camper but they have this loading system

May need to be careful as going under low bridges gets extra tricky to calculate

This is also my problem..what my truck has is thule rack for my canoe but it would be simpler if thule can invent a sliding rack that could look like a ladder and could slide at the back of the car where you can easily attach the canoe.

I used to use an electric rear hitch winch with remote. Just run cable over rack to front of truck.  Had towel with hole that i could afix to front end by popping hood wraopping it over snd under, then closing it.  Canoe would be pulled on top over hood and onto rack.  Very easy one person operation.  Then i would just tie it down.  Paid less than $100 in total for hitch mount and winch.


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