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Bought some washer fluid today. Led me to wonder how to make my own. What do you add besides water? I would think that dish soap might not last that long, compared to commercial products. Straight Windex could get expensive.
In my area, I'm not worried about freezing.

Here are 4 ways I found. I didn't read them thoroughly just skimmed though.

Last ww fluid I bought I paid less than a $1 per gallon at WM. That's been several years ago.

The blue fluid is typically made with methanol. I'm not sure where you could easily get some methanol to make it. For myself, I used to work in a lab that had lots of excess, expired methanol that I was allowed to take home. 

Methanol is readily available. Most of the gas “heet” treatments are methonal. Also look in paint supply departments. But you can use any alcohol such as isopropyl. A 70%/30% blend of iso/water is both lowered freezing temp and a decent cleaner of bio material like bug splats. Also good in a spray bottle to “melt” icy windshields and windows when you go out to start the vehicle in the morning.

Mr. Bill:
I found out 40 years ago that making my own windshield washer fluid with ammonia is a good way to destroy the pump.

Of course, that was so long ago that the pump was a squeeze-thing that you pumped with your left foot. 8)  I don't know what modern pumps will tolerate.


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