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Copyright's "Other" garden ( pic heavy!!)

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Copyright 1972:
Well here I go, I thought I would share ( show off!!  ;D ) some pic's of our "Other" garden.  We decided to plant a garden this year, and ended up with two.  1 at our home, and one at My wife's Grandma's house.  I refer to the second one as our "Other" garden.

Almost all of our plants are Heirloom variety's purchased through the Victory seed company.

My purpose with this post is to show everyone that anyone can grow a garden.  I am totally amazed at how ours has turned out.  "If I can anyone can" is kinda cliche', but applicable here.

I would like to take a quick second and thank my wife for dragging my out from in front of the TV, and into the dirt.  I think gardening has changed my life.  ( yes, I do know how cheezy that sounds, zip it!   :D  )

Here we go.

I'll start with my pride, and joy, our Melon patch.  

We have:
3 Sweet baby watermelons
2 Cantaloupes ( why did it have to change to Muskmelons? )
5 Cucumbers ( who knew they put out so much??!!!)
1 5' row of Soybeans ( for practice!)
A big freakin bunch of Pumpkins ( Jack O' lantern, and a small sweet one)

Melon patch:




Cantaloupes (Just been watered, not sure why it was foamy???):

Moving on to the Tater patch, these are Russet's.  We had great luck with Baby Red's at our home garden.  We "sampled" some of these a couple weeks ago....  Mmmmmmm, taters!!!!

We have one more patch, it has:
6 rows of Corn ( a sweet variety )
8 Tomato plants  (Beefsteak)
A small tormented row of bush beans
A shrinking carrot patch
8 Strawberry plants
5 Sunflowers

Long patch:



Carrots: ( yes, they are there, just look carefully at the weeds!)


Our results so far?


And ( as of 8-7 ) 152 Cucumbers!!!!:

If you are still with me, thanks for having a look at my garden!  

What did you do with 152 cucumbers? ;D

Copyright 1972:

--- Quote from: P_Coltrane on August 07, 2009, 07:07:10 PM ---What did you do with 152 cucumbers? ;D

--- End quote ---

LOL!  Throw'em at anyone not fast enough to get out'a the way!!!   ;D

Mostly eat'em 1 at a time in a salad:  Cucumbers, cheeze, crutons,bacon bits, ranch dressing...  Mmmm

I really wish I liked pickles....

Sweet garden, thanks for posting.

Louisiana Suvivor:
Taters!? What's taters....precious?! anyway. check out Trioxin's new vids. he has one on what to do with cucumbers...or was it zucchini. either way what you can do with one you can do with the other. also in the recipe board there are posts having to do with everything and the lot. good ideas there. don't forget: relish, pickles, yeah....


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