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bigbear - 2020

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How's it going today.


Figs growing well.  They actually didn't freeze back to the ground this year.  Hoping that continues and they start looking more like trees than blobs.

Beautiful Day White mulberry finally started to leaf out!  I'm super excited about this one.

Asparagus are done this year  :(

One of my favorite angles.  My broccoli and cauliflower were a complete bust this year.  Only a few flowers and they bolted really fast despite it being relatively cool this spring.

The cleaning crew

Some peppers, peas, carrots, beans, tomato all around a recycled bed frame trellis.

beets and peas

My oldest showing off one of his creations.  He built two chicken feeders out of five gallon buckets.  When both are filled, it's enough to feed 16 chickens long enough for us to go on a 2 week vacation.  Now to get a rain barrel waterer!

The apple/blueberry 'guild'.  I want to put some strawberries down to block out some of those weeds.

It won't be long before we get a few blueberries!  My bushes are mostly young, so we won't get too many.

Raspberry are starting to ripening.  My middle son picked a dozen or so this morning.  It looks like we're going to get a ton this year.

My latest project.  The lean-to wood shed is almost done.  Just need a few more 4x4 posts and some gutters.


It all looks great.

really looking fantastic... love those raspberries and blueberries... will have to work on that here.


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