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I'm in zone 6b, South central PA.

So far this winter/spring...

Added metal fencing around the garden and chicken run.  Last year I used some plastic fencing.  Bunnies chewed through it and are made themselves at home in the garden.  And the chickens found the holes and made themselves at home in the garden and in the neighbors yard...  >:(

Built some wooden gates that I think look really nice. I'll have to post a pic of them.  And dig up the YouTube clip I used as my guide.  My wife really likes the look of the garden now.

Ordered three trees that will be delivered soon:  white mulberry, a small cherry, and an all in one almond.  I don't recall the mulberry or cherry types.I

Did some apple tree pruning.

Just planted out the cool season crops this past Saturday. Peas, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, spinach, carrots, beets, etc.  I'm thinking this is the last of the sub-freezing at night.

Here's the diy video I based my gates on:

The trees have been planted.
Beautiful Day White Mulberry - planted in the chicken run with a protective fence around it.
All-in-One Almond and Carmine Cherry - planted on the south/eastern side about 15' away from a Golden Delicious Apple.

Peas, cauliflower, and broccoli have started to sprout.  A bunch of them haven't germinated though, so went back and replanted this weekend.

Asparagus has started coming in.

Apple trees, raspberry, and blueberry are starting to leaf out.  Figs have been unwrapped for a couple of weeks and I noticed a green shoot this weekend.  I've transplanted a few raspberry shoots to the far side of the chicken run.  I've got a few jumpers even when they're clipped!  Hopefully it functions as a hedgerow blocking the chicken from jumping out that side.

Not garden related, but I'm putting in some seats around the firepit too.  All from scrap or recycled wood (I helped someone remove a deck last year and got the wood).  Only cost was for the cement mix.

Sounds good bigbear

haven't heard of that type of almond tree... let us know how it goes...

I got my first full meal's worth of asparagus in one cutting!  Historically, it would take a few cuttings to get a full meal's worth.  We have 5 asparagus eaters in the family, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Peas are still growing.  Broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and spinach have done barely anything... 

The apples are in full bloom.  Cherry has just finished.  The almond is just starting to leaf.  And the figs are started to wake up too!  The mulberry showed some signs of life early, but it's still a stick...  I'm beginning to wonder if the amount of rain we've had drowned it (I'm forming a prayer circle for those willing to pray with me).  Blueberries are blooming.  Raspberries are leafed and the blooms are just starting on some.

Started some beans, tomato, cukes, zukes, and squash. 

Had to put one of the chickens out of her misery.  She was probably having trouble laying an egg or something.  She was getting very lethargic and was walking like a penguin.  And she couldn't get out of the coop the last day.  So I did the deed...  From what I read it was probably either a stuck egg or some sort of growth in the reproductive tract.  My son wanted me to do a probe myself to see if it was a stuck egg.  Nope.  At least not for that chicken.  She was the only one that would jump out, even after clipping.

Other non-garden related notes: 
1)  Firepit benches are done (except finishing). 
2)  My oldest son now weighs enough to ride the mower.
3)  I built some swings for my oldest daughter.  6"x6"x12' posts with 3' in the ground.  Unfortunately she was too quick to swing (and the ground was unusually water logged) and now the concrete base is cracking...  I'm going to need to sure up the posts so they don't sway. 


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