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Porcupine Kate's Garden 2017

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This year will be a challenge and I know you guys will cheer me on so I can get it done. I am gardening in NH and this will be the 4th season gardening on this property. It will be a bigger challenge for me because I am having some health issues that are yet to be resolved and are seriously slowing me down.   

The good news is we are adding 2 more garden beds this year.  One for flowers near the house and the other one will be for potatoes and winter squash.  We also manged to get 2 large loads of wood chips delivered when the power company was trimming trees this winter. 

I will post pictures soon but I wanted to get this thread started. 

Jeff NH:
Maybe you could have a planting party...

Hope your health improves, and post pics of your garden when you can.



--- Quote from: Jeff NH on April 12, 2017, 08:05:29 PM ---Maybe you could have a planting party...

--- End quote ---

I hadn't thought of that. 

Yes, pics when you get a chance, please!


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