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Ok, so due to health problems late 2015-2016, the garden beds, most of them, were severely let go. So, almost like starting over. I do not have the beautiful, mulched, weed free beds like I did in my 2014 thread. Last year I grew things in half the beds, but didnt get them "put to bed" for the winter properly, and the other half of the beds were just full of weeds the entire year.

We will see what this year brings and how much of it will pull together !

Gardening started in Jan 2017 with the arrival of a coe's comfrey order, planting out of 1 pound of Inchilium Red garlic, and starting of onion seeds, 2 types, New York Early and Newburg. Onions seeds were planted thickly in a small flat, on the propagation heat mat, with a cut open plastic bag over the top to keep in the humidity.

This picture was taken today, after I planted out as much New York early as I had room for. I normally set out more, so you see the extra set to the side, my lack of enough bed space prepped means less storage onions. The rest, some will go to green onions, some I will share

This is as much room as I can spare right now. The far end of this bed has the garlic I set out in January, and it is doing great, middle section is the New York Early onion starts, and they are going to make it, the rough mulch of pulled weeds in the foreground will get the Newburg onions soon.

The Comfrey has sprouted and is getting overdue to set out

It is hard to see, with such a rough bed and the weeds left as mulch, but the far end has a bit of bok choi, down the right side is transplanted Umpqua brocolli I started from seed, and the close end has a few kale and chard plants. One of the chards has been eaten down. I plan on having the peas down the whole length in the center, but the bug load is high, so I did not direct seed

I soaked the pea seed for 24 hours, then put in these 2 dishes very thickly to sprout. One is Cascadia sugar snaps and the other is Oregon Giant

Tomato seeds have sprouted, just a few varieties: Main crops of Crimson Sprinter, Rocepco, Amish paste and then a few others Black Krim, Brandywine, and blue gold (a cherry tomato). One pepper variety is all I had seed for, and it is planted and hasnt sprouted yet. I always forget how long it takes, and how much earlier it should have been done

The large apple tree is starting to bloom. the garden may be a mess, but what a beautiful tree to cheer me up !



Looks fine MM I say that because my beds look much worse :P

Progress is progress, and you are making progress. I still have 30 or so days to start my garden.

I'm VERY jealous of your apple tree!


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