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I turned over my first spade full of dirt yesterday!   YEAH!   Pictures to come.   


I started digging up my soil and turning it.   I put in 3 rows of onion sets (about 3 dozen in all).   I had some Chesnok red garlic I wanted to put it, but it was rotten.  I called the Southern Exposure seed folks, where I got it, they said I should be planting that in the Fall.   I knew that, but didn't get to it last year.   Oh well, garlic was an epic fail.   I will do potatoes (Yukon Gold) instead in that little spot.   I can get 4 plants in there I think.

I also had a volunteer!    Thank you Mr. Onion.

Planted Yukon Gold today, in the spot where the garlic was supposed to go.   Time to get seedlings started indoors.

Looks good, good luck.



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