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This winter was very cold and we got 5 feet of snow in February.   The snow is 2.5' deep on the top of the swale berms and the swales have up to 5' of snow in them.  My lumpy yard looks very flat with this much snow.

It being NH we do have a frost warning tonight.  My seedlings are cozy in the cold frame my husband built me 2 weeks ago.

He has also spent a good deal of time putting up a deer fence around the front yard. 

I planted sunchokes to the right of the birch trees today. 
I am just starting to plant the raised beds.  NH has a short frost free growing season and it is slow going due to a torn rotator cuff. 

This is the fence along the street on the south side of the property.
The plastic is there to kill the grass.  We will be planting a fedge on the right side of the fence next spring.  On the left side of the fence we are planting lots of perennial bulbs and I put a row of comfrey just to the left of the plastic today.

My new favorite garden tool.   The best part is my husband doesn't mind doing all the broadforking for me.  I can't use it till my shoulder heals or gets repaired so he is doing all my heavy lifting for me even in black fly season. My husband  is so good to me.

The grass is getting long and it is much healthier thanks to the swales and chickens.  My husband is working on leveling out all the uneven spots so we eventually can mow it and have less tripping hazards in the yard.   My goal of early morning work outs scything is in direct conflict with my torn rotator cuff.  We may wind up getting geese at some point to be lawn mowers.  I can't shovel anything at this point so we are not getting mulch or compost delivered  (There is only so much I will ask of my husband.)

Part of the big swale berm has potatoes planted in it instead of cover crops.  I have a lot of diakon radish growing from last year's cover crop. I am sure I will find buckwheat as the season progresses.  Of course the chickens are making a mess of the potatoes but they aren't uncovering them yet.  Netting in the swale is on the to do list.

The big swale also has asparagus, chives, daffodils, irises, garlic, shallots, diakon radish, comfrey, cherries, peaches, clover, and plums in it.   More will be planted in the berm in the next couple of weeks.  We did lose the apricot due to the cold winter we had.  I am surprised the peaches were not damaged.

The swale with all the pretty flowers has reseeded itself and everything is starting to come up. 

Here the chickens destroyed most of the strawberries dust bathing here.  They also stirred up a billion lambs quarter seeds.  I need to weed them into a meal and put netting up or I won't get any blueberries.

All the chickens made it through the winter.  Here are a third of them following me around. 

I got my first 2 hives a month ago!  They are fascinating and I am totally hooked on keeping bees. 
We will be moving the chicken coop in a week.  It floods during mud season so it is getting moved to a drier part of the yard.  The current run will be turned into a garden bed and I will be planting corn and other goodies there.

Here is where the coop is moving too.  My husband rigged up the rain barrel for me and made a nice cover for the feeder.  He still needs to put a screen and an overflow release on it and then make the second one. 

This is King George.  He takes his job of protecting the girls and bugging me for sunflower seed very seriously.

I am no where near finished planting everything.

I am assuming there is suppose to be pictures, am I the only one no seeing them?

Hmm.  The photos are on imgur and they are set on public.  Please let me know if you still can't see them.

I see the photos.

This is coming along nicely PKate. It looks great.



--- Quote from: PorcupineKate on May 21, 2015, 07:22:51 AM ---Hmm.  The photos are on imgur and they are set on public.  Please let me know if you still can't see them.

--- End quote ---
It is probably my internet/companies filters, I couldnt see them at permies either.


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