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On Friday the local arborist dropped off a truck full of wood chips for free!  I only had a few hours to work on it Sunday afternoon but was able to knock out about 2/3 of the pile.  The chicken run, garden walkways, on the blueberry patch, around a few trees, and under the swings (for the kids).  I didn't cover the beds this go around, I'll wait until after planting in a few weeks.

A little progress report...  Finished putting down the chips in April.  Blueberry bushes planted (think we have 11-12 total now).  Only did 2 arches. 

Used some t-posts and green plastic fencing to fence off an extra run area for the chickens.  Actually there are three areas.  One around the garden, a central entrance area, and this new one.  The second "paddock" is grass for now.  Eventually I'll fill it with chips too.  The goal is to plant a couple of trees/bushes in this area and make it into a quasi-food forest.  I'm currently thinking a white mulberry, a persimmon, an eastern red bud, and 2-3 hazelnuts. 

Planted out seedlings!  This year's crop list:
2 cherry tomato
6 beefeaters
6 big boys
12 cauliflower
12 broccoli
3 zukes
2 spaghetti squash
3 squash
9 cukes
20+ beans
2 jalepenos
12 various sweet/bell peppers
20ish sweet corn
12ish sunflower
2 watermelon
2 cantelope
lettuce, spinach, carrots, raddish, nasturtium, lavender, oregano, basil, rosemary and...  ??? I feel like I've missed some. 

Already harvesting asparagus and lettuce.  Raspberries are starting to flower.  Apples have flowered and are starting to set too.  Figs have been unwrapped for a month or so.  Mine freeze back to the ground, so they are bushes each year.  They have started a few branches.

My neighbors chickens are frequent visitors to my blueberry patch.  They love digging in my mulch.  The issue is they have dug up some of the blueberry roots!  I had some gardening cloth/chicken wire around, so I staked them around a few of the smaller bushes.  And laid some of the larger rolls between some of the bigger bushes.  It's not perfect, but than nothing.



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To add a little commentary:

The first pic is the Fuji/blueberry mini-swale bed.  I probably packed the blueberries too tight.  I'm noticing some creeping Charlie or some type of ground vining plant starting to spread into the bed.  I'm thinking of putting a physical barrier/border to that side of the bed, but then putting in a line of daffodils as a biological barrier too.  Then putting some alpine strawberries as a ground cover.  There's also a Golden Delicious behind me.  At some point (about where I'm taking the picture from) I'll be planting another tree.  Thinking a self-fertile persimmon or 3-n-1 almond.  Would love to do a pawpaw, but not sure I want to cram two or more trees in there.  Plus they send up suckers and it eventually will be a small patch of pawpaws if not maintained well.  Not sure I want that battle. 

The second pic has a Honeycrisp/raspberry hedge.  I put it here to hide the coop a bit.  I'll probably widen the raspberry V trellis a bit for the shoots as it spreads.  I can easily fit the mower down the alley, but I'm probably going to fill it with mulch and putting some shadow-loving/scented/chicken beneficial plants along the coop/fence line (currently has some lemon balm).  In the middle of the chicken run, I'm planning on a Sweet Lavender Mulberry tree.  These are white mulberries that don't stain with no compromise to the fruit flavor (they say).  Plus, they only grow to 20-30' tall. 

These first two pics show the area I want to make into a small food forest area.  Mrs. Bear hasn't bought into the vision yet.  But she wasn't a fan of the chicken run either.  Now she thinks it's not that bad and agrees that the chickens seem to love it.

The third/fourth pic is the main part of the annual garden.  And the fifth pic is a long bed at the very back of the property, bordering my neighbors wheat/weed field.  The opposite end of that bed has some asparagus, but the rest is annuals.  I'm standing beside a large lilac bush taking that pic. 

Looks really nice, bear! Thanks for sharing the pictures and description...


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