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Rugged's container bed 2015!


"Wait what do you mean by container bed?" I mean it's a container but it acts like a raised bed!
60 gallon(??) Stock tank we had lying around.

I've got spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, bee balm, and oregano. One of the lemon balms and the oregano came from customers: me: "Oh hey is that oregano?" Them: "Yes it is! Want some here let me grab my shovel" I love gardeners.

Most gardeners are indeed awesome. I like your raised herb garden.



Here's a couple of videos that I made. I made a small container garden for my kids.

You know, it's been so long since I've looked at the original picture of my plants when I first planted them...

They got just a little bit bigger  ;D

Here's my other container, I didn't post any start pictures but...

I've got some acorn squash, watermelon, onions (most of them I've harvested already), kale! radishes (I ended up letting them go to seed, and eating a bunch of the seed pods, because radish seed pods taste way better than radishes), chives, lots of lemon balm, and some random mint that I dug up like two stems out of somebody's yard (they were invading under the fence from the neighbor's yard), and then proceeded to let them bake in the sun in the bed of my truck because I forgot about them. They're huge now! It's the one on the bottom right:

Acorn squash!!!

I actually don't even remember planting acorn squash. In the spring I kind of randomly planted a bunch of stuff to see what would grow and how things would do.

It worked out well, but at one point during the height of the summer everything almost died, because I was working from wake up til sundown and kind of forgot about watering everything. They've made a nice comeback.  :)

I even had mushrooms growing in the second container, which I thought was cool because I know how important the mycelium web is to plant life.


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