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Crispy Critter - 2010 - USDA 8b/9

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Crispy Critter:
Thanks to Fritz Monroe, I was motivated to try my first Three Sisters Garden this year.

I had enough Connecticut Field Pumpkin volunteers from last year's forgotten harvest to populate all of the squash mounds with transplants. I have a few still in waiting in case some of them don't make it. So far, they look to be recovering from the transplant shock.

And the Golden Bantam Corn is about 2"-3" tall now. I will be planting beans tomorrow or the next day. Still haven't decided what variety of beans to grow.

Looking good.  How many mounds of corn are you planting?

I have a bunch of different beans to try this year.  Kentucky wonder beans came with my 3 sisters garden package deal.  But I also have rattlesnake beans that I could put in there.  I'm putting a mixture of squash in there also.  I have Seminole pumpkin that came with the package.  But also have a butternut squash and I'm thinking that I'm going to order a package of banana pink jumbo squash, they look interesting.

Crispy Critter:
I've planted a total of 15 mounds with this installation - seven mounds of corn/bean. I will either expand this garden or create a second garden adjacent.

I have 13 different varieties of beans. I will probably plant: Rattlesnake, Genuine Cornfield, and Pencil Pod Black Wax beans. All of my seeds for this garden are four years old and still germinating in the 95% range. I am amazed, to be honest. The seeds have been in the refrigerator for the entire four years. I would have offered some of my seeds through Johnny Max!'s seed exchange, but I did not feel right sharing four-year-old seeds without showing their viability first.

Wow, 13 varieties of beans.  I have a couple varieties, but nowhere near that many.

yeah, wow.  I'm not a fan of beans, but I bet I could find some I do like with 13 to choose from :)

good luck, I'm curious to watch it come together for you.


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