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Garden Progress from Last Year to Now. Lots O Pics

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Capt Cook:
Just thought some of you might like to see how our garden has progressed from our start last year to now.
We have put a chunk of money into it & really don't expect to get too much out of it this first year. But by next year our perennials will be producing for us & we should recoup our money then.
Here's some pics of our 2 garden sections.

And you know your getting good horse manure compost when you find one of these in there!

And what could be better to find in your topsoil than a 100 year old piece of pitchfork?

Looks like a good start.  Have you considered having the downspout go into one barrel and before it reaches the top connecting it to the second.  Then you could have one overflow spout on the second, or keep adding barrels.  just a thought

Capt Cook:
The rain barrel system feeds up to 2 barrels & when they are full it stops the inflow & feeds it out the downspout. I can't add another barrel in the front but I could put one in the back if I decide to grow some stuff there. The whole barrel setup cost us $90 after the $50 rebate. A little expensive to keep buying more.

Looks like a good start.  As for the water barrels, now that you have the filling mechanism, why not buy just 2 barrels, not water barrel setups.  Then move one of those existing barrels to the back yard.  Place one of the new barrels in front and connect those 2 front yard barrels together.  Repeat out back.  That should allow you to fill up both barrels out front and once both are filled, it will cut off and send it down the down spout.

Hope that makes sense.

Capt Cook:
Here's some updated pics.
We added a few more plants, seeded a few more of our veggies for succession planting & planted African Marigolds for color & to keep out the bad bugs.

We are running out of room now for more plantings. I still need to do a little more mulching for weed control but I don't want to do too much. A friend of ours is going to be giving us some Lambs Quarters & I'll be using that in place of mulch.
BTW, does anyone know what would be a good companion plant for Blackberry bushes?


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