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Dhallftworth's Early Spring Garden

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Ok well I have my spring garden planted and now that it has warmed up some everything is doing great. I have one side that is planted completely in red potatoes, and the other side is planted in a variety of veggies. I have 10 broccoli, 5 collard green, 5 turnip green in row one. I have 4 brussell sprouts, 5 coliflower, and 4 japanese cabbage blants in row 2. I have 2 red cabbage, 8 green cabbage, and 1 bundle of yellow onions in row 3. I have 1 bundle of yellow onions and 2 bundles of white onions in row 4. Once the weather gets better I will be planting my early summer crops. Here are a few pics so far..

Overview of the side with the veggies before it was completely covered in cypress mulch:

My first broccoli plant 2 weeks after planting:

My broccoli plant as of 4 weeks after being in the ground:

My potato plant 3.5 weeks after being in the ground, my puppy is eating the potato plants:

What do yall think?

Dhalft, I wondered where you went.

Good to have you back. you been holed up all winter eating the harvest from your summer garden? :)

Nice start, should be easier this year with a full season and the ground already broken eh?

Nice looking garden, Dhallftworth...
How deep did you set the potatoes?


--- Quote from: Morgan96 on April 01, 2010, 06:01:50 AM ---Nice looking garden, Dhallftworth...
How deep did you set the potatoes?

--- End quote ---
about a foot under.. it seems like it took them forever to show anything above the surface.

This forum is really cool.  I live in zone 8 - I planted all of those things in January, some last year and they grew thru the winter - broc, cabbage, lettuce, spinach and such.  Now, they are all gone and only the carrots, some spinach, lettuce, favas, peas and the last of the purple cabbage is left over from winter.  The squash, peppers, beans and tomatoes are already in and the melons are going in within a week or so - it was Hot today!  The last few of the turnips are sprouting their seeds so I can plant them this fall - they grow thru the winter.

I think is is so cool to see other like minded people with their gardens in zones so far away. ;D ;D


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