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KnoxMan's First Garden

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Hey folks . I have been listening to Jack for nearly a year or so. I have gotten my wife into listening as well. Since then we have had very numerous discussions about the times we are living in and the times that may be coming our way . Which has led up to starting our prepping and such . We have decided to start our first ever sustainable garden . Also we are getting a deep freeze and we already had a dehydrator , but only used it a few times in the 3 years we have owned it . It is going to be getting some use now . LOL.. I would like to share with you all some pics of the garden in succession from what I started with and to where we are in the present. Hope you all enjoy and would love any feedback you all may have .Oh and the other thing is ... how do you get pcs onto the board?

Good deal KnoxMan!  Look forward to seeing the picts.  I did my first garden last year and enjoyed seeing the picts as the garden progressed.  Got some great feed back as well.  As for posting picts, I'll PM you the link.


Glad to hear of another new gardener.  Looking forward to seeing the pics.

You will need to upload to a site like Picassa Web or Photobucket.  When replying, you will need to click the button that looks like this and put the URL of the image between the bracketed items it puts in place.

OK here is a link I hope to the way things used to be around our house... and also there are pics in there of things that are being done this year . Hope this works out and everyone enjoys    Thanx for any input you all may have.

Cool pictures, I like the home-made compost tumbler. 

What is this structure on the left here?:


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