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Going on vacation, need a cheap knife I can throw away

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Headed to NH this summer for vacation. Since I can't carry a knife on the plane, what would you consider the best cheap knife to pick up at after I land. One where you wouldn't mind either giving away after a week or tossing away.

You are going on vacation with no checked luggage?  Knives are OK in checked bags.  I understand the desire to not checks bags with extra fees and potential theft. But you might consider checking some less important and bulkier items in a bag along with a knife and other items not OK for carry-ons: I always pack a liter of water to have in case arrival gets messed up and I am stranded or checking in very late at night; plus I like to have other toiletries and first aid items, sewing kit, etc.  I've traveled quite a bit with a handgun and ammo and a couple of knives (according to destination laws) in checked bags and never had a problem with theft.  Reports of baggage theft seems to be much worse through Chicago and maybe a few larger cities, so I always try to go through and arrive at regional airports if possible and definitely stay away from Chicago.  Denver has never been a problem for me and I can't recall any theft scandals there.

Another option is to mail your knife to your destination and mail it back home, insured.  Cheaper than buying even a low cost knife.

To answer your actual question, I assume you are talking about a sturdy folder rather than a sheath knife.  If it is throw away and picking it up there, then you are limited to what is available locally.  That probably means Gerber, Buck, Schrade, or some no-name Chinese knife for under $30.  If available, I have found the Kershaw knives to be pretty well made and many models under $30 (Chinese).  Kershaw uses a "flipper" for quick opening but the blades are generally 3" or shorter.  For a heftier camp utility knife Gerber or Buck are probably more likely.

Then put it inside your checked luggage. 

When I want a decent, yet, serviceable knife at a reasonable price I'm prone to go with either Becker Tool, or CRKT blades.  Even Walmart has some interesting knives for sale, 'on the cheap'.  My favorite inexpensive blade is the Becker, 'Companion' which Amazon sells for around $75 bucks. 

Buck Vantage  $25

I picked it up while traveling by air and left it with family when I flew back.

I liked it so much I bought the Pro versions for EDC when I got home, and they are still some of my all time favs.

I don't travel anymore with checked bags. Makes life so much easier. One bag is enough for a week for me. I didn't even think about mailing one to myself. Have to look into that. Just looking and there's a Home Depot on the way on 93, they usually have a multitool or small knife I could get.


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