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Dj Keebz:
Great topic from other boards.......This week I got a few extra cans of goods at the store, getting set up for reloading rifle cartridges, and finally got the OK from the wife for the genny! just gotta get some money together now! ;D

Expanded our garden area and planted turnip greens.  Read all the forums possible.  Our survival mode right now is to make it through the Dave Ramsey course so seeked out all the survival ways that would help our finances.  Example:  FTA TV. 
We also began our chicken coop for the new chickens we're getting next weekend.  (using gleaned scrap lumber from construction dumpsters and the dumpster at work. 

Today I took the wife out to shoot the Bushmaster for the first time, she also shot a few boxes of .40 and a half a round of sporting clays. Spent the late afternoon cooking some gumbo to put up for the winter.


I ran two miles and worked on my upper body. And now Im ready for bed!  :o

I've been working on a mosin magant carbine, makeing it into a scout rifle. I worked on the stock today.


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