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Drilling a shallow well

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Hey all, my first post!!!   Jack - great idea and thanks for making it happen.

I live in NW Oregon, and several homes in the neighborhood have wells. But, no way will the city allow me to drill a new one. What method would any of you suggest to drill a shallow well (on the quiet). I know the water table is only 25 feet or so.

I'm not worried about obtaining pure drinking water as I have a filtering system planned. This would supplement the three 55 gallon water barrels hooked up to the roof gutter. I'm lucky enough that the previous home owner installed a metal roof so the run-off is filterable.

There are some ways to dig a short well with some varying size PVC pipe and a garden hose but I sure would not take the chance unless the SHTF really bad.  When you have a well you have to install it to code with things like a backflow preventer to keep from contaminating the source.  If you are caught you could face some serious fines.  If you contaminate the source you could even be looking at jail time.  Local government, EPA, etc take groundwater pretty seriously.

I would suggest you make real nice with a couple of neighbors that have wells so that if there is a 'situation' you can get water from them.   Learning how to dig a well would be a great skill to have in case you need it, just hold off digging until you do.

25 foot water table.
Why not just drive one? it will take a sand point ,a couple sections of 1 1/4 in . pipe,  a couple of drive couplers and a drive cap. Sink it with a T-post driver. Depending on your soil type it can take from a couple of hours to a couple of days.
I sank a new well for my garden this year, started about 9 and by lunch I was done driving and was starting to flush out the well,

Hey Dread, thanks for the info.
Based on GroundPounder's note; I will wait till things get ugly before I try it.

I'm scanning the real estate ad's every day for available land outside the city limits.
Hopefully, I will find something real soon.

You could try just coupling a well point to some PVC pipe, and then rigging your city water hose up to it, and allowing the water to do the digging for you.   Jet the PVC down, and I bet you could get 30 foot very easily.   

I bet you could even put a simple hand pump on it, and bring water to the surface.    Hang an old cast iron bucket off of it, and everyone would just assume it's "decoration" and not a serious well.   Hidden in plain sight. 


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