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Maine while I would love to visit it backpacking and kayaking seems a bit too cold for my southern bones.  This Arkansas lake house is my dream home.  I have the cash to buy it now but I'm too far away from retirement to move.


 I ran two wilderness rivers in Maine this year in my roylex canoe:

 The Saint Croix which has many class II rapids for about 30 miles  and is runnable all summer. Quite an adventure and there was a moose outside my camp at 3:00 AM splashing around. I got out of bed and shone a light on him.

 I did the Sebois river and into the East branch of the Penobscot, 35 miles of rapids. The sebois has continuous class 1 rapids so that I covered 18 miles of river in a few hours averaging about 7 mph the whole way and hardly having to paddle at all. It was high water otherwise it only runs in very early summer.
 Other rivers get more traffic, and far northern Maine has been heavily clear cut.


 I had been looking farther up in Maine as the prices are cheaper up that way, but then I found several acres in a part of Maine that is less than a 2 hour drive that averaged a little over 4K per acre.

 According to the info I saw, there are no restrictions on building and the taxes are something like $450/year. I was talking to my mother about how I could build a cabin or something there, and a few issues came up:

 If I spent money on a prefab cabin, I would want to insure it. Insurance for fire would probably be tough to get if the cabin is not near a fire hydrant which is the case. There is no water/sewage/electricity.

 Owning several acres seems really cool, unless the property taxes where to increase at some point. In that case, you might end up paying a good deal.

 I mentioned to my mother that I'd like to have a cabin, and then I could build a storage shed and store a bunch of my stuff up there like my canoe, maybe my drumset and various things. I live in a small condo and my mother doesn't like all the stuff I have stored at her house. She said however that with the increase in the use of snowmobiles, theft and vandalism of property in the backcountry areas seems to have increased. She mentioned how several huts on the Appalachian trail had been vandalized. She thought if you are near a larger town, maybe that increases the possibility. This town is about 60 square miles and has a population of maybe 5,000 people, the next town over however which is maybe 5 miles to the downtown has a population of around 23,000 people and is 50 square miles in area.

 Lots to think about it seems like to me ....

Excuse me if I missed it, but where do you live now?

That is my concern with buying land to bug out to. If its a 6 hour car ride now, what will it be like in a panic? I dont really think of land as an investment because if you pay 10k for some land and super inflation hits or the like, your land may have a 10 fold increase. But the trick would be trying to find someone to pay 100k for it, and with the whole country struggleing to buy a gallon of milk for $10, your pool of avalable buyers goes down.

I say avoid the shed. To me its says hey there are valuables here lets steal stuff. Bury it. Sure it creates as many probles as it solves, but your stuff will be there. 


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