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What do you recommend for a GHB and BOB?

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I'm currently in sales and I'm on the road quite a bit and I can be as far as 80 miles away from home. It seems that I'm going to need both a GHB and BOB and I wanted to know what brand and model you recommend? I just built my wife's GHB and it's good size and I haven't even begun to build her BOB bag yet.



OK, in my opinion.
at 80 miles its going to take a while to get home.figure out what you want to carry to get home, then size the pack to fit your items,if you get an extra large pack you'll windup over packing,then you will toss it out on the way home.
so a big pack or resupply on the way home allowing for a lighter pack.(can you stash some supplies somewhere)
can you carry a bike? that will increase you range per day.
do you want military look or hiking look?
i went for a hiking look trying to not stand out, a lot of people here carry hiking packs.
for hiking packs take a look at the at the backpacking magazines for reviews.check online at ect and read the reviews available at the library
you'll be happy with a durable pack versus a lightweight.especially if you move it around a lot. multi day pack depending how you load.are you carrying a weapon?
i have an rei pack and a couple of kelty packs, osprey and arcteryix are also good.
and if possible try it on before you buy.Have Fun.

For my GHB I take a layered approach.

Outer, and heaviest layer is a backpack.  Just happened to be a Lowes pack that I already had that I used to hike around Europe.

Middle layer, under my jacket, is a RIBZ pack.  This has most of the same contents just smaller and lighter versions.  ie my heavy pack has a poncho and liner, this pack has a space blanket and yard trash bag.  Additionally, there's no water in the flat bottles in this layer.

The inner layer is my EDC including a Doug Ritter pocket survival kit.

As far as brands of packs I'd get what's comfortable and fits you well.  Go to an REI or other good backpacking retail store and try some out.  Any of the better known backpacking packs would serve well. 

REI has great service with custom fitting the bags, but I'd like to try and get something with camouflage if possible. The problem is that I don't believe many "retail" stores carry these types of bags. I'll have to check my local Army/Navy store.

I would suggest this bag, Paladin Mission Expedition Pack:

Or if you list of items gets really large you may want to bump up to this:

Do you have your vehicle with you when you are out for work? If so, I would take advantage of the storage space in the vehicle and then keep the pack a bit smaller.  Then if you have to head out on foot, you can grab the key items you will need for the given circumstances.  The Paladin one is nice in that it can shrink down, or expand out as needed.


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