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Rummaging around on the worldwidewonderweb I found the River Cottage forum which has some great discussion topics for homestead / self-sufficient living.

I recently read a book by the gentleman who started 'River Cottage'. Pretty good read, give notes and his impressions about raising livestock from rabbits to poultry to pigs and cows. Also writes about growing your own food, harvesting wild plants/animals, and give some pretty good (if not fancy) recipes.
Thanks for the link!

I've watched pretty much all of the "River Cottage" series of television programs that were aired in the UK.    He's very big into DIY food and living as self sufficient and community minded lifestyle as possible.  Mind you, he came at it wealthy and with television backing so he's had a bit of an edge, but his message is great; know where your food comes from and the people that produce it, produce it yourself as much as possible, and connect with the people around you.

I was impressed by his book. Really helped me think about changing how my family and I eat. And Jack helped quite a bit also.

Loved the River Cottage Series (with Hugh), that has to be my all time favorite series. I'm sure that he made it look easier than it actually is though. I would highly recommend anyone who can get it to watch it, I only watched in on TV, I've never seen the DVD sets or anything.


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