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I've got a bunch of Buck Hoodlum's on order.  I don't have an ETA yet but wanted to allow those of you who are interested in buying one to "get in line."  The price will be be $143.75 each.  Just reply and let me know how many you want.  If necessary I'll expand my order to cover all those who reply.

Cool. Maybe in on one. Let me check my sock drawer. ;)

I'm good to go for one...

Is the sheath included in this price?

Yes it is.

--- Quote ---Buck Buck/Hood Hoodlum Survival Knife. 15 1/2" overall. 10" 5160 steel blade with a powder coat finish for corrosion resistance. A notch is cut into the blade spine for scoring bone, bending wire, removing pots from a camp fire, or other small tasks. Full tang. The handle is built with a Shock Mitigation System (SMS) to reduce shock and wasted energy when chopping. It has a large finger choil providing control while whittling or other detailed activities. The black linen micarta handle scales can be removed to create a spear by lashing a branch to the tang of the blade. Black heavy-duty nylon, M.O.L.L.E. compatible sheath with leg strap cord and front storage pocket. Designed by Ron Hood.
--- End quote ---


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