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I found this website, it has a lot of great info.


Nice, thanks.

Very good post I am going to post it to the Links and Resources forum as well.  Great find thanks for sharing it. :)

Earth Monk:
Check out the Top 30 of Medicinal Herbs on that page. This is a section of fieldcraft often overlooked. Our Native American Brothers and Sisters have practised this for thousands of years here in America.... it works!

Earth Monk:
A follow up to my previous post from a couple of days ago...

My wife went to the dentist today as a followup to having her wisdom teeth removed.

She had dry sockets and was in terrible pain. Can you guess what the dentist did?

He took a small bottle of light brown liquid, saturated a small piece of gauze with it, and placed it in her molar holes.

The liquid in the small bottle was nothing more than clove oil, a natural aniseptic anisthetic (germ and pain killer).

There you go, grind the clove, collect the oil, stabilize with some high octane alcohol and you have a long term storage pain/germ killer tincture. Brilliant and simple.



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