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School of Homesteading


From the website...

Offering a complete curriculum for gardening, crafts, homesteading and other essential self-sustaining skills

People in our urban, techno-industrial world, are, in increasing numbers, reaching back to rediscover essential craft and agrarian homesteading skills. This is more than a bid for a bit of the peace and calm we associate with the past. There is a profound purpose and sense of accomplishment in rediscovering and mastering these skills.

There is a sense, too, that these skills and the associated way of life bring families together and replenish values and integrity as well as hone manual and intellectual skills. Those who have chosen to learn and participate in these essential skills also find that the discipline these skills require develops such character traits as patience, endurance, attentiveness and perseverance. As many of our pioneering forefathers discovered, when people regain the ground of personal responsibility, rejecting the claim that the “good life” means freedom from such responsibility, they taste the fruit of fulfillment and accomplishment.


I have not taken the classes at Homestead Heritage (yet), but I have visited them several times - this is a pretty impressive place.

Take a look at the variety of classes they offer. I hope to take a woodworking class in the Spring.

Thanks ~


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