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Raised Bed Build ~ 3hrs, $55

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I had some spare time so I decided to put together a raised bed (I have been relying on containers in the past) to be ready for spring planting. 

So in summation, it took me 3 hours to build a stupid wooden box - but whatever.

Before picture of the site:

The lumber:

The ends:

Me discovering that I had the wrong screw length:

Almost there:

The finished product:


--- Quote ---Me discovering that I had the wrong screw length:
--- End quote ---

Now, what did that box of screws ever really do to you?  Oh, the vulgarity!   ;)

Actually, very nice post and documentation of your work.  Thanks for sharing!

lol...I like your...umm, enthusiasm?

Nice stupid wooden box, BTW.  ;D

Do you guys think it is safe (re: growing vegetables) to put sealant on the wood?  Thanks for the comments.

Also, I edited the photo to make it family friendly. (hehe)


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