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how to homestead in rental prop?

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I too am located on rental property. I live in one of those mobile home parks that have nice little maintained streets etc. I own the home but rent the lot. Best way to go in a college town.

In any case we are allowed to plant on our little (& I mean little) lot but since I plan to leave this place someday (after grad school) I would like to take my garden with me so I am investing in container gardening too. In fact about 90% of the information/ideas I have gleaned have come from these podcasts and forum posts, so a great big thanks to all! I have been a busy bee acquiring containers on the cheap (10 gal from walmart, less than $4 ea. that will hold most of what I choose to plant) and a couple of larger water containers for horses/cows that were given to me (15-20 gal. give or take). My heirloom seeds just came in today and I have already purchased from the want ads 2 doz. quart jars for canning when all those lovely veggies come in! :)  I also plan to begin my container composting this weekend. The 32 gal. trash can with a locking lid was just under $10 and of course the hay, veggie scraps, coffee grounds and horse shit were all free :). For under $50-$60 (spent & future expenditures) I will be all set come spring!

 I hope my little 2 cents here helps ya out...

at one time I was attempting the upside down tomatos, and I had planted peppers on the top, these did great untill neighboring kids trashed it while I was gone. we have recently moved from there and plan on doing something similar this spring as well.

i love the bucket idea, i can get all the free 3 and 5 gal food grade buckets i want for free. with lids.

John Q Public:

Where are you and where are you getting the buckets from?

10 min east of the river from st louis, mo. I deliver pizza, the store goes through 2-3 a day at the end of the week if ppl dont pick them up. our supplier takes them back to reuse.  pizza places are a great place to pick these up.  we had a manager that use to take them home clean them up and sell the bucket with the lid at 1.00 each, at his yard sales, he told me he'd sell 50 easy.  beats 6.25 at walmart.  he's not there anymore, this may need to be moved to second income, selling buckets on craigslit. lol


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