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how to homestead in rental prop?

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John Q Public:
That is a great find .Thanks for sharing. Looks like I need to hit up Pizza Hut, Dominos and all of the other small pizza joints in my area.

robt- I am seriously considering delivering pizza for a second job. I have to wait for a few college kids to go home for break so I can take their place though....getting free buckets would be a nice touch :).....

great second job, but sad its my only job. on tips i do okay though 6 days a week 6 hours a day, straight off tips, wearing out the cars fast. i get an oil change every month

Oh free buckets... nice... I'l have to go get a pizza this weekend...

I was actually going to do today's show on Container Gardening but then John Q did that great video, and  ;)

Tune in Monday, most of what I am doing now is container in nature in my new Springhouse Greenhouse.  You might want to look at one of those too, really happy with mine.  I also just got two "patio peaches" at Lowes, they were 75% off.  They will get planted in the ground some day but I figured now I can put them in nice big pots, grow them big and enjoy them for now.  (with that discount I almost bought the entire 4 they had left)  When I pull up stakes and go to Arkansas they can go with me, get planted and the pots can then be used to grow something else.  So like container sized trees might be another option.

Potatoes in a tire pile might be another one.


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