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how to homestead in rental prop?

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Here's the situation, 2br. my wife, my 18yr daughter, 19 yr son and myself.  daughter has a room, son sleeps on couch. very limited space. we rent.  soybean field to the left and behind us. decent yard, wild turkeys, and duck. to close to town to really do anything about that.

someone elses property, they wont allow you to put in a garden.

any suggestions.

Dirt Rider 3006:

This could be a start...

John Q Public:
Hi Robt871,

A couple of thoughts come to mind.

You mentioned that you cannot put in a garden, but that you have a decent yard.

If that is the case, I would start container gardening. You can purchase/build small containers to place throughout the yard to use as a makeshift garden that are removable. If you listen to Jack's podcasts about gardening, he often refers to certain herbs that you should not plant in your garden because they are invasive. His suggestion is to container plant them near the raised beds.

Tomatoes, herbs, and a tons of other plants could be grown in containers in the back yard if you have proper sun exposure. You can even grow root crops such as potatoes, carrots, and radishes in specially built containers that are actually easier to use that raised bed gardens.

Chris, one of the other members to the site posted a nice video that shows how to plant potatoes in a very easy manner that uses a container.... You can watch the video here:

If the home has gutters and downspouts, you could easily put in a rain catch barrel by routing one of the downspouts to a large barrel. This would eliminate the need to use city water for the containers.

Good luck!

thanks guys, these are some great ideas.

Yep, container gardening seems to be the way to go for you.  There are several good books on the subject, check out the gardening section of the board.  Lots of good folks & experience in there.


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