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Prepperjim' 13-in-13
« on: January 08, 2013, 12:08:44 PM »
I started off the year strong going to the gun range (posted to my blog here). 

I finally had the opportunity to go to the gun range for the first time in about two months. As such, I wanted to maximize my effectiveness and make the most use of the time I had allowed. So, I had a plan going into the day that worked quite well.


    Use three new magazines (two 7 round and one 8 round) for the Kahr PM9 to ensure they were working properly in the 7+1 and 8+1 configuration.
    Shoot the new Glock 19's two magazines with range and hollow point ammo.
    Sight in the new 870 shotgun reflex sight
    Shoot the new AR-15 and sight in the iron sights at 50 yards.

The remainder of the post in a far better format, here.