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Apollyon's 13 in 13 Progress Thread
« on: January 06, 2013, 02:21:14 PM »
My 13Skills goals for 2013:

Dehydrating - To preserve produce from our garden by means of dehydration rather than canning.
Cryptography - Implement successful use of encryption for secure email communications between multiple parties (including documentation and training for others)
Beekeeping - To start a hive on our property, learn how to maintain it, and collect honey.
Animal Husbandry - To build a small coop and begin to raise a small number of chickens for egg production.
Hunting - To obtain the appropriate permits and find an experienced hunter to guide me through the process of deer hunting during shotgun season in Ohio. Actually harvesting a deer is a great bonus!
Plant Identification - To be able to readily identify the majority of the common trees in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan by both leaf and bark, and to be able to positively identify poison ivy and other common plants of the region.
Concealed Weapons Permit - To successfully obtain my CCW for the State of Ohio and Michigan.
Knots - To be able to tie a number of common knots without the need for diagrams, primarily for the purpose of securing various loads.
Mead Making - To learn the process for mead making and possibly start an initial batch.
Distilling Fuels - To be familiar with the process and equipment involved in the distillation process, including what types of fuels can be made and what vehicles can run on those fuels.
First Aid - To become educated in basic first aid to the point of being able to explain and demonstrate the skills to others.
Curing/Smoking meats - To make biltong.
Electrical - To create a portable battery backup system for use during camping or emergency situations, and to purchase and use a generator for emergency power in our home.
Marksmanship - To complete an Appleseed Project course of study.

Will update as I go.

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Re: Apollyon's 13 in 13 Progress Thread
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2013, 02:38:45 PM »

Dehydrating - Received a dehydrator from my mother for Christmas. Fired it up today and made apple chips, pineapple pieces, and some fruit roll-ups.  Found some great recipes for dehydrating tomatoes, which is usually our highest yielding garden produce.

Knots - Decided to do knot tying for my son's next den meeting this Sunday. Good opportunity to brush up on basic knots and get the boys a head start on one of their first Boy Scout requirements.

Concealed Weapons Permit - Got buy-in from the wife to use my bonus from this year towards CCW classes, so I should be able to knock this one out really soon.

Cryptography - Began documentation of some basics for using PGP encryption with email.