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Reconnecting with Family in addition to finding great survival gear!


Everyone has probably seen this or knows a cousin or friend who has. You move away from home and come back for an extended visit or travel out of state to visit family and find that garage full of old tools, fishing items, garden implements, etc. and wonder why on earth does my grandfather have so much stuff? In addition to having a wonderful time reconnecting with your family, you are bound to find some stuff that the grandparents (or whoever you are visiting) would love for you to take off their hands. Recently I was visiting my grandmother and mentioned to her I was planning to start canning, but was looking for a pressure canner. She said well I have my grandmother's pressure canner that I will never use and I couldnt think of anyone else I would want to have it. My grandmother is 76 years old. That would make the canner at least that old or older. The thing about tools and such made in that early 1900's or late 1800's is that they were made to last. This canner is probably 25 quarts and weighs over 20 pounds. Needless to say, it is stout. It was made to last. In addition to the canner I found an old propane burner like the ones where you put a big pot on the burner to fry turkeys or make gumbo and she said I was welcome to it. Now don't think I go to my family and take their stuff, but I have found that when you show interest in something that a grandparent or greatgrandparent has had passed down to them, they want to keep these things in the family and love to have someone they know hold on to them. Most people wouldn't consider a 75-80 year old pressure canner an heirloom, but I do and thank my stars that my family had the foresight to keep things that may not be useful at the time, but still held sentimental value and could be used again if the times called for it. I would love to hear of other people's experiences of finding useful stuff their family basically pleaded them to take off there hands.


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