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Mods/Admins help please?

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When I first registered, I registered under Millerized.  My confirmation email got blocked and never got any further(my isp blocks all blog/forum emails from all blogs/forums >:( ) so I re-registered as Millerized1.  Is there anyway of changing Millerized1 (so many folks want me gone, right?) to Millerized?

 I really don't want to start over, I really don't want to lose my karmic fortune, and I sure as hell don't want to leave.  I don't mind the "1", but, well, it just ain't me ;)

Any chance you can come up with a solution, have at it.

thanks guys, you rock!

The way Dan explained it to me is, one of the admins can change your user name on the boards, or at least what we see on the boards but you'll still have to login as millerized1.  If you're okay with that you may want to IM one of the admins, I can't do it as a mod.


Sister Wolf:
Millerized - if it's just the display name that you want to change, I can help.  Go click on "profile" up at the top of this page.  Then on the left hand side of the page, under "modify profile" there's a link that says "Account related settings".  Click on that.  Then it will bring up a page, and the top section will look like this:

See where it says "Name (this is the displayed name that people will see)"?  Change that to Millerized.  From then on, everybody will SEE Millerized.  You will still have to sign in as Millerized1, but your name will be Millerized for all intents and purposes.

Hope that helps!  If you need anything more, you can PM me.  :)

"Selected user has already been taken" error message.

I'll just be "#1" for a while.  Thanks, tho.

Sister Wolf:
:(  Gah!  The admin is capable of deleting that name.  If he does it, then you'll be able to do that thing on your profile.  I hope it happens for you.   :-\


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