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Photo posting issues??


I was trying to post a photo, and resized my photo to 65.7 kb, which is way under the minumum posted of 128kb.
When I go to post it, it gives me an error of: "The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator"

I got one pic to post on another post, but cant get any others. Whats up?

Try posting the photo at one of the free sites like Photobucket or the like. ( ) I'm guessing server space is limited on this side.  IF you're trying to upload it to THIS site and not your own.  With the growth of this site, Jack probably didn't increase his space available for photo's.

Using one of the free sites is really the best thing to do.  You can resize your pictures there & then post them, it's a pretty simple procedure.  Photobucket is what I use.


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