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My husband got us a couple of these to keep around the house:

It's nice when he's gone for work, like this week. I also sometimes throw one in my purse if I know I'm going to be out late or in a not so great part of town (I carry pepper spray all the time). Not sure it would have helped in your daughter's situation, but it could be one more thing to have in her car just in case.

  I suggested the KIMBER PEPPER BLASTER above because it is easily utilized by feel and as it is not an aerosol spray,it is less likely to effect others in close quarters wile attracting some attention and disorienting the target with the pyrotechnic charge. It is a two shooter as,if there are MORE assailants,you have already lost and if you put a price on safety...$35 should be pretty cheap for a loved one.The pyrotechnics do not lose effectiveness like aerosols often do and the gun blast will disorient attackers to give one an edge to move away from danger. I know from actual use this device works. 

I hope she files charges...Definitely scary.

Another reason to be virgilant and lock doors. To keep windows half up. To have situational awareness. Glad she basically had a safe house nearby with people home. And kept her head once the situation started.

Over the years I have carried multiple equalizers in my vehicles, both on purpose, and some which just entered the black hole of my vehicle and put a few thousand miles in, because I never took them out until the next vehicle cleaning. Some were meant to be defenders and deliberately put in,... some were farm, fiber art, sports equipment, which could easily double as  equalizers. A short 18" piece of metal pipe is probably better as a equalizer in the small area of a car interior, than a baseball bat.

For awhile my nail loom rode around with me. I have accidentally gouged myself on that thing enough, to know it would make a formible weapon. For about two years, I carried a pistol under my seat.

But remember, try to prevent... And any equalizer/protection can be used against you as well.


David in MN:
If I'm in my car I have a vintage police baton under the seat and a Mora knife under the wheel. If I can't get to a pistol, I'm spinning around and stabbing at thighs and genitals. I worry about the legality but if my kid is in the car all bets are off. BUT my solutions rely on my ability to overpower an adversary.

I'd be very resistant to the "stun guns" marketed to women. I've been hit by more than one and very few have had any significant stopping power. Most are pretty weak and require hitting the assailant in the torso which means he likely is holding your neck. Better deterrent than actual weapon. Spinning around from the driver's seat means you're only hitting a thigh which will only be a painful violence escalation.

I have and carry a Kimber Pepper Blaster. I'm nervous to recommend it because I've tested one and it really is a Derringer. You hit good in two shots or you're um in a world of hurt. In the hands of a skilled user it's awesome but maybe not for everyone in the worst of circumstances.

I wouldn't feel bad having a strobe light as a deterrent. Especially at night it's a weird psychological tool both in and out of the car.

I'd add some mind-f___ery. At the onset of issues, screaming, "don't cut me, I have AIDS" is never a bad idea. Or claiming you can't be part of this or you'll lose your parole for killing another motherf____er. I also will revert to screaming in German. Americans will run through a pit of rattlesnakes to avoid a motivated German yelling names of root vegetables. Just imagine you jump in a car and the driver reacts by telling you "You the drop because I need the payoff for two keys bit__". I became the scarier person in the conversation instantly.

It's a mess and if baddie in the backseat pulls a Highpoint there's not much you can do. I'd prefer to appear weak rather than bossy but I would use my size to advantage. This is one of those tough questions.

Before discussing weapons or personal deterrents, she has to make locking doors automatic every single time.  I am a 6 ft guy and strong and armed and I still lock the doors immediately after closing them.  It is the single best thing you can do to buy yourself at least a few seconds to get the hell out of Dodge. But she did great thinking of her brother and reacting quickly to get there and make noise to bring help!

A weapon or other device is only as good as the mindset behind it.  She first has to decide she WILL protect herself and her kids even if ti means hurting other people.  If she is not willing to mentally accept that it is not only OK but her sacred duty to do so then any weapon she has may end up being used on her if she half heartedly wields it.  Once she has the "we won't be helpless victims" mindset, then ANYTHING is an advantage or bare hands. 

* The car is the most potent weapon immediately available.  Use it as one if necessary. First to flee if at all possible and then ram if cornered.

* 3-5 cell Maglite is like a yuppie lead pipe and useful otherwise.  As Cedar said a 18-24" steel pipe, breaker bar, framing hammer, old fashion night stick, police baton, or shortened length of shovel handle.

* Sheath knife or assisted opening knife of largest size she will accept or can manipulate in the car.  Fighting with a knife is an "all in" thing, very close and personal. Really got to mentally prepare that you are willing to stab or slice someone open if they are trying to harm you a kid. Main thing is to get one in a sheath that is quick access, or an after market kydex sheath.  I would think 4" minimum and more like 5"-7".  I do keep a Mora Bushcraft knife handy in the truck which is handy for lots of tasks, but would do for defense in a pinch.  I also have a K-Bar.

* A pistol is the ultimate equalizer, especially so for women and smaller men.  It will be very difficult for a person caught by surprise to physically confront and dominate an already amped up large male or group ready to do violence.  A gun allows you to keep distance unlike non-projectile weapons.  And it can deliver the most damage in the shortest time if you have some training and practice.

Whatever she agrees/decides to get, encourage her to try it out and practice.  That hammer is not magic just by holding it.  Smack some wood or a sandbag with it.  She will likely find it does not do much if you casually swing it.  Swing it like you intend for it to go through that sandbag/dirt bag scum.  Get a feel for how hard you have to swing it to mean it. Same with a knife (there is a reason military basic training during war time emphasize vigorous bayonet practice), it takes some serious effort to stick that sucker into a torso or neck and keep doing it until the person is down.  If using a pipe/baton, where is she going to strike?  The knees/elbows?  Head/neck? Diaphragm? face?

Keep the doors locked and mind play through scenarios if that happens again, or stranger approaches asking for help, or surrounded by a group, etc.  Might want to ask an attorney friend about consequences, and a police friend about what they are trained to do or what they see works or leads to failure.  I seriously doubt anyone in LE is going to have heartburn if a woman surrounded by violent men just steps on the gas.  Once they make entry into your car your options dwindle considerably, and your response is going to have to be much more determined.


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