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I carry a streamlight stylus pro.  While I really like this, I'm now experiencing my 3rd switch failure, one of which happened during a time when I really wanted to light to work.  Anyway, to me the failure rate is a bit higher than I'd like.  Does any know know:

1) how to remove the switch from the endcap for potential cleaning/repair?
2) is there an similar quality light that runs on regular batteries that is an alternative to this light?

Streamlight replaced the first 2.  Their customer service referred me to their parts sales site to buy a replacement this time. 

Thanks for your help.


  Streamlight also failed members of my group miserably.

We have had no problems with the COAST , G20 ..a two AAA cell powered light with very similar capabilities to the Streamlight except you often
find the Coast G20 under $10 as it is now.

While on the COAST subject ,many of my group also us the COAST HP1  one AA powered 190 lumen as a pocket carry light and it also has been reliable with AA or even 14500 lithium for major pocket brightness

I ordered the HP1.  Certainly can't complain about the price.    I may also try the HP3.  Thanks for the tip!

 I have carried the HP1 for some 5 years and use it with rechargeable AA batteries and it does a great job as a work light and is brighter than most ..
It is brighter than the G20 inspection light and can be really bright with a 14500 Lithium cell ,but lasts only and hour or so as the battery goes down hill quick. I get several hours from AA alkaline or ENELOOP AA 2000 MaH cells.

I have an Olight 3E EOS (single AAA, about $13, 90 lumen) on my keychain and pocket carry a Fenix E12 (single AA, $25, 150 Lumen?).  I don't always have both on me with changing of pants and vehicles, but at least one is always on me.  Both are well made, sturdy, put out decent amount of light.  I use them all the time for looking for things in the garage, behind books on the shelf, under the sofa, inside a rifle receiver and chamber, getting around the yard in the dark, doing repairs, and many other situations.  I swear, there is nothing on a car but the bumper you can diddle with without a flashlight or headlamp.  Or is  that just my age?!

Recently I was in a large warehouse and it got me to thinking that if there was a power outage (this being the windy/storming season starting) and I am way in the back of this place with no windows, "It could be real dark in here and difficult to find the exit safely."  That would be true of so many large warehouse buildings so popular these days: super-mega markets, Walmart, Costco, Cabelas.

Anyway, a very small flashlight like these are incredibly handy.  the twist-on switch of the Olight 3E and most others is not so handy for inspections, but the Fenix E12 has a tail push button that is perfect for such things.


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