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I recently slimmed down my already small wallet by A LOT in getting one of these. I was surprised at how many options are out there. Figured it might be nice to have a thread on them.

* Butterfly Wallet - trifold made of ripstop nylon, 3 pockets & cash slot, .2 oz, $12.45 TIP: If buying from a different retailer make sure you get the improved version.
* Go Fast And Light wallet, sport - bifold made of soft tech nylon. 2 pockets, .2 oz, $13.98
* Go Fast And Light Wallet, ID - bifold made of soft tech nylon, 1 cash pocket, 3 card pockets plus 1 ID window, .4oz $13.98
* Mighty Wallet - bifold made of Dupoint Tyvek (same stuff used for airmail). 2 cash pockets, 4 card pockets, .6 oz, $15. TIP: While a wallet that looks like apiece of notebook paper or envelope may seem novel, people have reported losing these easily or someone else accidentally trashing it. Beware!
* Dynomighty "Men's" wallet - bifold made of Dupoint Tyvek, 1 cash pocket & 6 credit card pockets, .5 oz, $25
* Allett wallets - The high end, these are made of PET or leather or soft tech nylon, and some come with RFID blocking. Tends to run slightly heavier than the others, though still lighter than traditional wallets. Too many options to list, price ranges ~$20-$50There may be more out there, these are just the ones I've stumbled upon. I only have experience with the Butterfly wallet so I can't vouch for the rest of these.

All ultralight wallets except the Allett tend to be slippery and the design relies on stacking more than one card in the card slots to help keep them from falling out. The Go Fast and Light wallet is the only one I know of that has an ID window, if that's important to you.

My Butterfly Wallet has one pocket that's nicely tight and two others of varying looseness. Since I'm not obsessed with weight and perfection I'll probably just baste a stitch or two to correct the tightness if to becomes a problem. For now, adding folded bills helps enough not to bother yet and I'll see how I go.

Anyone else with recommendations or feedback, feel free to chime in. :)

I've really like my Big Skinny wallet...not super fancy, just light and super thin.  I have had it for just over a year and it has help up well and been nice to carry.

It is funny to hear Allett called heavy ;)  When I switched to ultralight they were all there was.

I have gone through several--I get about a year out of an ultralight before they wear out.  A little less than leather. 

I moved back up to the other end of the durability scale to a Blue Force Gear--it is not lightweight, but it is just as thin.  It is very close to an Allett passport wallet in size, but made of nearly indestructable material.  You also have your choice of color, as long as it is multicam.  The extra structure makes it carry thinner than the Allet, if that makes sense. 

I've gone walletless. I got fed up with the regular ones - most of the mass and weight was wallet, not contents. If I put much in it, it was a fat mess. I looked at the minimal ones. Either they didn't hold enough or they added too much bulk, not to mention price.

I just use a 1/4 inch wide rubber band to hold together some cards. Debit/ATM, couple credit cards, driver's license, Costco and grocery store card, medicare and insurance card, doctor's business card, ham license.

I have a Fresnel lens tucked in there and some cash. Bills folded in half, bigger stuff inside with dollar bills showing. The cash is the width of a card, just a touch taller.

All in all it's 7 pieces of ID, 6 ways to buy things or get cash, and a fire starter in a package the size of a credit card and 3/8 inch thick. Tucks in a back pocket but small enough not to show.

I keep the odd ball, rarely used loyalty and discount cards in a conventional wallet in the vehicle. If stolen, they don't get the crook much they can use. Half price pizza, Mondays, at a local watering hole.

Black November:
I have been using a Black Dream Fibonacci case for a while now and love it.

My minimalist EDC


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