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Question for Steve Harris (or anyone else) ENELOOP VS ENERGIZER

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--- Quote from: ridge rover on May 25, 2017, 06:43:13 PM ---I can't seem to get that last short video Harris made. He showed some different AAs he was researching. He said they looked better than Eneloops so far, but was still testing. Can anyone recall which batteries they were?

My link to that video doesn't seem to work anymore.

--- End quote ---

let me have a look in the big flashlight forum for any new additions. But for now nothing bests eneloop. Duracell has LSD but it seems they are suspiciously similar to Eneloops in make, same for other makers....
Early in the game Uniross Hybrios were a little bit notch better, but that stands to reason since Eneloop bought the technology from them.
My bet is that Harris did not find any better, else he woudl have spoken.

If price is a factor, my local Best Buy had kits with 8 AA and 4 AAA Eneloop plus charger on sale for $20. I bought them all, but hopefully the stores near you may have some.

This thread hasn't been active in a while.  I recently bought some AAs to compare.  I bought 4 new Eneloop gen 4s, 4 Amazon Basics, and 4 Energizers.  I also have some not too old EBLs I will add to the testing.  I am still in the process of testing so no definite conclusions so far.  Right now I am running the cells through a couple conditioning cycles.  With a constant 1 amp load the Eneloops showed the lowest capacity, excluding the EBLs which I haven't got to yet.  I suspect the EBLs will test lowest from previous tests.  Once I get everything reconditioned I can draw some real conclusions.

I still like Eneloops but can't help being curious about other brands.  I really didn't need to buy more cells since most of them sit around waiting for their turn to be used.  One interesting thing which confirmed a long suspicion of mine was reading Eneloop's own writeups on their batteries.  They briefly mention 'memory' of NiMH batteries.  They did not say there was none, but rather that their battery had a higher voltage output which compensated for it. They also mention how crystals form in the cell causing the effect.  So, perhaps that is part of the reason my tester is spending hours reconditioning all the batteries I want to test.  I can see on the graphs how the capacity goes up after a couple cycles, in some cases by quite a bit.  I'll try to post the graphs once the real tests get done. 

I got through some tests comparing Eneloop, Energizer, Amazon Basics, and EBL cells.  The results were confusing, cells of the same type varied quite a bit, and similar results between tests.  I used the same charger at 500mA.  While all the cells have been through a number of cycles, maybe they need a few more to stabilize.  I did not have my CBA when I first starting using Eneloops so I dont have anything to compare with.  I did my best to treat all the cells the same way to eliminate that variable.

One thing which did seem to come out of the tests, but under suspicion pending further tests is that with a 1 amp discharge Energizer and Amazon cells had a higher capacity than Eneloops.  Of EBL 2300 and 2800 cells, the two test quite close.  At 1 and 2 amps none of the cells measured at the manufacturer's rating.

I was hoping to see some pattern out of the tests but that didn't quite happen.  Since a few different brands of new cells seem to have the same 'breaking in' issue my guess is it must be something common to NM cells.

For now I am going to start using the test cells in flashlights so they get some real world use and revisit the tests after that.  Since older cells test consistently my best guess is that it takes more cycles than I thought for a new cell to become 'conditioned'.  If anyone has any ideas or information about new cells I would like to hear it- or suggestions on a test to run. 

What are you using to hold the cell and make contact with the test leads?  I’ve had a lot of spurious results from flakey contacts when running tests with my CBA. 


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