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Becoming a Better Riflemen

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This thread is to discuss the three part video series on becoming a better riflemen.  Any questions on the videos? 

these were good timing. I am about to teach my 11 year old how to shoot and after hunter safety, I will sit him down to watch these.

As a competitive shooter it is nice to see you teachong about "natural point of aim."

The eyes closed drill is very helpful in developing and understanding natural point of aim for new shooters or those that have not been taught properly.

thanks Jack for more useful info,  keep it coming.


This is a good time for these videos too since I am teaching my fiancee how to use her new .22 rifle. I think the videos are informative and helpful. Now I just need to get her to watch the videos.

I showed these to my wife who hasn't fired a gun since before our four year old daughter was born. She needs the refresher and likely won't get to a range for the foreseeable future. Valuable resource. Thanks for putting these out there Jack. Excellent work.


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