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Making Biltong Videos

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Any questions or what have you from the Biltong vidoes.  As for phase three, it has been delayed because we got the munchies and ate all the biltong.  Phase three won't be much though just here is what finished biltong looks like. ;D

How about for phase 4 you send out samples???


--- Quote from: Archer on April 06, 2009, 11:39:29 PM ---How about for phase 4 you send out samples???
--- End quote ---
LOL! That's actually not a bad idea. Biltong swap anyone?


Quick question about drying...

Its a little cooler here than Texas  :D  Would room temperature 16-20 degrees C (60-70 deg F) be ok to hang the meat or should I be looking at perhaps making a box with a bulb for some heat generation?

Great vids btw :)


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