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Discussion, suggestions, follow up on Russian Martial Arts 1&2

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--- Quote from: gutterdog2 on April 07, 2009, 12:11:18 AM ---...and on that subject... personally I wish you'd post wmv and avi's instead of the mp4's. I figure that those with ipods also have the software to convert the files to ipod format, whereas avi's can be burned directly to dvd and watched on a divx compatible dvd player.

just a thought

--- End quote ---

I will consider adding the avi format and doing three.  Trust me many iPod folks specifically have asked for mp4

I like the larger format way better, but I have a really fast connection.

I like the larger format too, but I like best whatever will allow the most amount of people to access it easier.

I like the large format of the video and would also like to see them in avi. Keep up the good work Jack.


First off, I feel that Jack has done a brilliant job on the presentation of these videos, Alot of the training videos our company buys are to this quality. I also feel that a professionally presented video like these go along way towards improving the image of survivalism, if they all follow this vein in the future, it can only be good for all parties.

Onto the videos, I have always liked systemia but unfortuantely the ability to train in it in Australia is limited and in my area non existant for the time being.
So keep up the good work


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