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Cobra LI 7000 2-way radio (25-mile)

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Cobra LI 7000-2 WX VP 25-Mile GMRS/FRS 2-Way Radio (Twin Pack)

Does anyone in this forum have any views (good or bad) on this set?

Available on Amazon here;

I have a set of the 21mi radios.  Best I got was 10mi here....from the top of a local building to the home.  Almost straight line "normal" distance (ground clutter like trees/small hills) was just a hair over 5mi.  Clarity was average CB distance af about 4mi.

I'd be interested to see how good these are. My in-laws are about 15 miles from my place and I'd love to be able to have something like this should the phone lines be down. It would be easy for them which makes it easy for me.

 Hammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Radio. Get your ham license and quit playin' around.

I'm tempted to sell my Icom V8's.  I never use them for much more than weather and messing with the cops. 1 is unlocked, 1 isn't. Hmmm....lemmeesee here.....


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