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Is this a good deal on a scanner?


I was on CL and I came across a post for 2 scanners. I won't post because as soon as they remove the post it will be gone, so I will include the text instead. I am a ham but I really don't have much experience with trucking scanners, which one of them is. It seems like old-school tech but I'm guess it's a decent deal. Thought/Opinions please.

--- Quote ---Just in time for race season. NASCAR fans you can listen in on race team communication from any team. Jump from pit to pit at the races..or listen to police, fire and emergency like a convential scanner. 1 Uniden Bearcat Trunk Tracker 300 Channel Scanner-model BC 245 XLT & 1 Uniden Bearcat Twin Turbo Sportcat model SC150. WIth the BC245XLT you can track multiple trunked and conventional channels at the same time, scan trunked frequencies, and apply a five-second trunk delay so you can hear both sides of the conversation when the trunked frequencies change. Both come with antenna and charger. Units have been tested and are in good working order. $75.00 OBO. Will sell set or individual. Buyer to pick up.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your help

I sold one radio that was 50 ch, 800 mghz for 50.00 recently.  As long as they work, seeing as they have trunking.  I would buy them, you could sell one for at least 50.00 and that way you only paid 25.00 for a fine radio.


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