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Japan - Earthquake and Tsunami

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This is hot and developing news.  There has been a third explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant.  I reiterate that government - any government - will try to project confidence, strength, and competence even when it knows the S is HTF.

From The Telegraph: "The Fukushima crisis now rates as a more serious accident than the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island in the US in 1979, and is second only to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, according to the French nuclear safety authority. After insisting for three days that the situation was under control, Japan urgently appealed to US and UN nuclear experts for technical help on preventing white-hot fuel rods melting."

They went from leaking "slightly" radioactive gas to "Harmful radiation spewing" in a couple of days. If I ever here our government say slight radioactive gas is being released anywhere close to my location I will be heading 1800 out of dodge.

Prepper note:
Millions have been left without water, electricity, fuel or enough food and hundreds of thousands more are homeless and facing harsh conditions with sub-zero temperatures overnight, and snow and rain forecast.

Despite all news about how the Japanese were coming together, and helping one another out (which is true, I'm sure), the situation is getting more desperate.

"The elderly are being abandoned to die in Japanese hospitals and care homes devastated by the tsunami amid a worsening humanitarian and nuclear disaster.  Hundreds of thousands of victims have been made homeless, with more than 400,000 struggling to survive in emergency shelters with no power and little food or water."

Its a difficult situation for the people on the ground, they are struggling to get anyone to drive into the area. Personally I feel the situation is far worse than whats being reported, if you watch the second explosing very carefully its appears totally different from the first, the first was like a balloon bursting in all directions due to hydrogen in the main building, however the second appeared to have a strong verticle component and far less horizontal, making it look as if it originated from an area with extreme stong side walls therefore focusing the blast verticle, in addition it contained far more material (brownish).
If I was in the area the only safe place is on a Jumbo getting my ass out of there as quick as.

The guys still woking in the plant are real hero's, they know theyre dead, I couldn't do that.

The elderly were abandoned to die in hospitals and care homes long before the disaster...  With that being said, it's horrible to think they will suffer more.

In a true SHTF situation you will face triage decisions that will not come easy.

What a sordid mess :'(


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