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ultralight tents and bivy sacks
« on: October 15, 2008, 06:27:25 PM »
This is a gortex bivy sack that is totally water proof yet breathable. It will keep you dry in a downpour, it only weighs 2 pounds according to the website, but it seems like it is lighter than that, I think it may actually be just over a pound, maybe that web site was wrong. It packs into a tiny package that fits easily into a day pack with plenty of room to spare. This goes well with a thermarest ultra lite matress or maybe an air core matress. It has mosquito netting as well, I've used mine for taking naps when out on day hikes. I will have to say that I feel a little claustrophobic sleeping in these, but it's not that bad really and keeps you dry.

This one is listed as 1 pound 4 oz on the web and is made by the same company, gortex as well:

Here is a a hammock that I also use on hikes, it has a mosquito netting that you zip over yourself:

I have a eureka zephry, but I don't think they make that model anymore, it is an ultralight tent, I see Eureka
has this, it's a spitfire solo SUL and weighs just over two pounds:

I also have some kind of walrus ultralite, I'm not sure if they still make it but I saw this one which is a microswift walrus tent and weighs 2.86 pounds. I camped in the everglades once in one similar to this, get in there and then the mosquitoes come out in swarms like I've never seen, so I stayed put in this little tent and was not going outside for any reason.

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